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INELCOM luminaires are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain, specifically in the 26,000 m2 plant that the company has in the town of Xàtiva (Valencia).
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40 years of experience in the field of electronic engineering.
INELCOM is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment at the national level

Since the launch of the product line for public lighting using LED technology, Inelcom has supplied more than 170,000 LED light points throughout the national territory of Spain and Latin America. All this guarantees us extensive experience in the field of LED lighting, which translates into the generation of high-quality products with maximum performance.

INELCOM LIGHTING, a Spanish lighting manufacturer, offers solutions adapted to each client in a socially responsible manner.

Our vision is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of lighting solutions that generates maximum trust and recognition for its service, quality and ability to adapt with a strong social character. For this reason, we work on several of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.